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About Hoorad Agency

The Hoorad marketing agency with more than 10 years of marketing and advertising experiences has the honor to work with more than 100 Iranian and foreign companies. From the beginning, we started our Professional Journey with the motto of quality, satisfaction and support. We do our best to provide you with integrated marketing communication services to able you, make a unique message across all Marketing tools to get your goals according to corporation missions.

About our name, it is good to know that Hoorad is a genuine Iranian name which means someone how is Merciful and Gracious. The reason for choosing this name at the time of the start was that we initially decided to treat ourselves and our customers fairly. During the past years, we have been trying to keep up with our words and not letting circumstances pass away us from our principle.

In our principles and rules, talking complicated and hiding truth from customers to make money it’s not acceptable and we believe we could make money when we are honest with our customers and they like back to us repeatedly, which is caused reputation.

We are working hard to simplify your difficulties and we are not afraid of doing most challenging projects because we believe the more difficult projects get the more results we could get from that.

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