Integrated Marketing Communications

In today’s competitive market, one of the main concerns of business is marketing and increasing market share. Therefore, companies try to use a variety of marketing tools to allocate more market share to their products and services. And when this happens, all marketing activities will be integrated and produced in a single message. Hoorad Company, with its own facilities and specialist forces, will enable you to achieve your goals through integrated marketing communications.

طراحی سایت

Web Design

Perhaps today, most of us know which features a good website should have. for example visual beauty, high speed, optimized for search engines, good and valuable content and so on. All Web Design Companies claim this features For you and they will promise, you will get the first place on Google pages in the shortest possible time.

دیجیتال مارکتینگ

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing or Online Marketing is undoubtedly one of the most effective and fastest marketing tools nowadays. Old and new companies somehow like to have a great deal of online market, but unfortunately they usually do not know the solution and chose the wrong way because of bad consulting…

طراحی گرافیک

Graphic Design

Horad Graphic Design studio Due to the variety of work of our various units, such as offset printing, digital printing, website design, video and film making, has been adapted to various structures, and all our experts and artists have the knowledge that How to create artistic images that can be implemented related to Media in use …

عکاسی و ساخت تیزر

Photography & Video

A good photo to implement advertising and marketing projects is one of the main requirements, and without professional photography, Media produced will not be professional. Hoorad experienced photography Team, using its modern equipment and facilities to capture industrial photos ,modeling photos and etc.

برگزاری همایش

Holding Marketing Events

Holding Conferences, scientific seminars, opening ceremonies and etc is one of services that the Hoorad Agency can offer its customers. In general, holding marketing events in the form of parties or training conferences can have a significant impact on branding as well as product reminders …

طراحی غرفه

Exhibitions Booth Design

One of the most popular marketing tools is to attend specialized and international exhibitions. Organizations attending these events aim to show their ability and introduce new products and services to visitors most of the time visitors choose and start a conversation with companies who have Better and More beautiful exhibitions Booth.

خدمات چاپ و بسته بندی

Print & Packaging

Brochures, posters, flyers, books, business cards, letterheads, catalogs, timetables, notes, etc. are products that have been used for advertising purposes for many years. Perhaps today, paper-based products are less visible because of the Internet and social networks becoming widespread, but still in some cases, if properly designed and produced …

کمپین های بازاریابی و تبلیغاتی

Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns, using all marketing tools such as advertising, public relations, online marketing, and even some times using popular gatherings or using ethnic customs, try to reach marketing goals. in general Marketing Campaigns is not just about advertising Therefore, it can be said that marketing campaigns also include …

هدایای تبلیغاتی

Promotional Gifts

Promotional gifts are one of the marketing tools which by them we can keep our brand alive in our customers minds, and on the other hand These gifts remind our customers that they are valuable to us. Unfortunately, due to the production of unsatisfactory Promotional Gifts and in some cases very repetitive items, bad Gifts can sometimes become de marketing …

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